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Pearl Public Hr. Sec. School

The Pearl Public Hr. Sec. School,under the aegis of Pushpa shiksha samiti , is a co-educational, MP Board affiliated Senior Secondary school .It has come a long way since its inception in 2000. Today, the school has carved its niche in the educational scenario for its dynamic and holistic learning opportunities. A phenomenal rise in student strength is due to its quality consciousness in education and its focus on all –round development of the child.

Pearl public Hr. Sec. School  is recognized for its unique philosophy, “Transforming potentiality into reality.” We explore each child’s innate talents and provide a wide range of learning experiences to them . The school has an energetic educational environment bubbling with commitment, enthusiasm and excitement

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We equip our partner schools with modern learning tools including Teacher Tablets with pre-loaded LEAD Teachers' App & video content for better understanding, specially designed apps for School Owners, Parents, Faculty, and Students, world-class internationally accepted curriculum, exclusive coding programs, and certified teacher training to expand Teachers’ skill set and adapt to the changing times.

Parents and School

Home is the first school and mother is the first teacher of child. Innate talents of a child, emotional and social in particular, get nurtured by the loving care given by the parents to their child. good habits and moral values are picked up by children from their home environment. Good parenting gets reinforced by good-schooling. Pearl Public Hr. Sec. Public School, Indore plans to have workshops and seminars for parents on good-parenting. .

Dance and Music

Music can be compared with oxygen which every one needs to Survive. Pearl Public Hr. Sec. School Public School is very well equipped with modern musical instruments like Synthesizer, Congo, Dholak, Jazz Drums, Harmonium, Tabla, Hi Quality Sound System, Classical Dance, Western Dance which boost our students hobbies. Well qualified music teachers prepare our students for both classical as well as western performance.

Pre-primary and Primary wings

The pre-primary wing of Pearl Public Hr. Sec. School has been innovatively designed to provide homely atmosphere for imparting education under Montessori System and activity based learning programme. It is recognized that the age from 2-6 years is the most impressionable period of child’s growth. The informal and child directed early education programme is unique in Pearl Public School, which will lay the foundation for academic readiness as well as responsiveness to develop other interests. The multi-purpose activity room in the pre-primary wing is friendly, playful and pleasing. It is equipped with innovative toys and latest educational tools to promote integrated, intellectual, emotional, sensorial, linguistic & physical development of the child with the input of civic habits. Another special feature will be the child counselling centre where the Counsellor would focus on each child’s potential, aptitude and evolve spirit of working together. Pre-primary & primary wings of Prestige Public School is a nursery for implementing UNESCO’s concept of promoting : 1) Learning to Know 2) Learning to do 3) Learning to live together 4) Learning to be

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School Building

The building of Pearl Public hr. Sec School, Sagar (M.P.) attracts every one with its upto date Hi-Tech Infrastructure, Peaceful Study Environment, Approachable Location in the heart of city


Promotion is granted on the basis of performance of the pupil throughout the year. Hence regularity in attendance and work is imperative

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School Office Time Morning 8.00 am to 1.00 pm

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Land Line No. 07582268022 07582268957 Mobile No. 8815392981

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